Welcome to Elfstedt & Company Professional Corp.

We are a team of Accounting Consultants working hands-on with business owners to improve their accounting processes and financial reporting. We design Accounting and Financial reporting systems to provide the financial tools necessary to better manage and operate your business. This may include either better utilization and customization of current software tools, or conversion into a new accounting software that better relates to your industry or management style.

As well, we provide part-time or temporary CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or Controller services to manage a financial accounting department, or specific projects such as preparing financial projections for bank financing, strategic planning, business plans, developing Crystal Reports and accounting clean-ups.

We also provide accounting services, through on-site or remote outsourcing, to provide accurate and timely monthly financial and operational reports to make faster and better business decisions to help you stay competitive and keep your overhead costs down!

Our Professional Accountants are all experienced Controllers from a wide range of industries. We provide alternative solutions for businesses to attain the financial tools necessary to manage, or to outsource your accounting needs saving thousands of dollars on office space, computers, software (upgrades, backups), furniture, staffing, filing and training; in return, receive monthly financial reports and ensure all compliance reporting is accurate and timely.

Technology has provided the benefit for our consultants to work remotely, which minimizes business interruptions and still meet the deliverables!

We pride ourselves in our ability to design customized and specific accounting and financial reports to meet your needs. We provide fast-turnaround for accounting cleanups, provide a high level of customer service, and efficiency of operations. We take care of your monthly accounting and year-end accounting working papers, liaise with your external accountant and banker. We customize our services according to your business needs and current staffing levels.

We are an outsourcing solution for businesses in industry! Our purpose is to provide value to our clients so they can achieve complete, accurate, timely, reliable and relevant financial information for management decision-making; the much forgotten purpose of accounting.

Services Overview

Elfstedt & Company Professional Corp. strives to maximize profitability, cash flow and growth for clients providing customized services based on their needs, our services include:

Design Accounting Systems:  Not getting the Financial Reports you need?  Let us design your accounting processes and system that is customized based on your industry, company and management style so you have the financial tools to better manage and make decisions.  We can better develop your current system or software or design or convert your system to a new software that is designed for your industry to get the results you are looking for.

Part-time / Temporary CFO and Controller:  Are you wearing all the hats in management?  Let us help by providing the financial analysis you need on a temporary basis to lower your costs and help you make faster desicisions to not lose any opportunities in the market. 

We provide temporary CFO and Controller services that include short and long-term financial planning, financial projections & scenario analysis, restructure financing arrangements & manage bank relations, develop a corporate strategic plan, develop and implements budgets, provide financial analysis and consult with management the information required to make critical decisions.

Cients that require a Controller for only a part-time basis to prepare month-end financial statements, mentor accounting staff, set up internal processes and controls, develop & implement corporate policies, analyze costs and margins, internal management reporting, manage CRA accounts.

Outsourced Accounting functions:  Are you struggling to process your daily accounting accurately and on time?  We provide the ultimate solutions for business in industry who would rather concentrate more on running their business than worrying about paperwork.  Customizing an alternative solution to outsource part or all of the accounting functions is a cost-effective approach to getting ahead. 

Management Consulting: Our Accountants provide management consulting that includes strategic planning meetings to establish short & long-term goals, develop actions plans, create and implement an organizational structure with specific job descriptions and responsibilities for key roles, culture change and development, mentor various management staff.

Crystal Reporting: Do you have a software that is so integrate but has limited reporting options?  We can provide customized report programming for most accounting softwares  using Crystal Reporting. We have the expertise to design any financial and operational reports required for both internal or external purposes.


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